Brooks Caldwell, (Cary Elwes) an erudite and handsome lawyer, seems to have it all: wealth, social status, and a lucrative career. His success is, in reality, a product of his marriage to his beautiful socialite wife, Amanda, (Terri Polo) a wealthy timber heiress. Through his wife, Brooks has access to the most exclusive clubs, social contacts and an endless stream of legal clients. Unlike most, who would remain content to enjoy a life of luxury and privilege, Brooks continues to risk everything by having extramarital affairs. Brooks’ philandering, in addition to humiliating Amanda, has driven her to the point of a mental breakdown. Having been pushed over the edge, Amanda orchestrates a just and elaborate plan to bring her cheating husband down. 

When Brooks leaves for a weekend romp with his latest squeeze, Heather, (Agnes Bruckner) his life quickly descends into a bizarre, nightmarish, downward spiral. After Brooks’ wakes up Saturday morning to find Heather’s dead body sprawled out on the bathroom floor of his motel room, a series of strange, seemingly coincidental, events occur leading him to a small, isolated logging town in the Washington wilderness. Unbeknown to Brooks, the town of Creechville is a “company town” and part of the timber empire owned by Amanda’s old money family. Brooks soon realizes he is in the worst place he could possibly find himself in. The town’s patriarch, William Creech, (Marshall Bell) and its townsfolk are loyal to Amanda’s family and have made some special plans for Brooks.